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Referral Rewards! Keep cash in your pocket

Hello lovelies!

Did you know every time my clients refer NEW clients to me, they get $20 off their next service? How great is that?! All you have to do every time you want your hair done is get ONE friend to come see me and you get to keep $20. You know what I can do with $20?

Buy cookies for my Sadie Monster

Go to Cinetopia

Get my favorite bottle of wine

Go shopping at Sephora

Go shopping at MAC

Go to Dutch Brothers 10 times

Put it in savings!

Spend $25 at Bed Bath & Beyond for the new as-seen-on-tv-thing I have to have and use my 20% off coupon!

Who are we kidding, I'm going shopping.

So basically, every time you say something awesome about me and bring your friends/family/coworkers to see me, I'm going to reward you! So you can reward yourself with wine. or MAC. Or fan yourself with all your saved CASH on a chaise under a palm tree. In... Oregon? Whatevs, cash is cash! So have a coffee on me. And flip your hair. And tell the barista how awesome I am so you can get more paradise fan material.

I'll be back soon with some fun tips, tricks and hair hacks soon!

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