About Brooke
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Hey babe!


If we haven't met before, I'm Brooke and I'm obsessed with my dog and True Crime, married to a Firefighter, and I'm an extension and fine blonding specialist in Lake Oswego, Oregon.  Did we just become best friends?


I'm a local girl, born and raised here before I moved to southern California to specialize in color and chemical services with Vidal Sassoon.  After years of experience and education, I came home and established my salon Angels & Architects in 2010.  I've been a licensed stylist since 2000 (whoa, I know!) and I love what I do now more than ever before. 

So what does "specialist" mean anyway? Does that mean I only do blondes & extensions?  Not at all!  It's my preferred area of expertise that I've spent a lot of time on with advanced trainings & education.  You see medical specialists right?  So why wouldn't you see a hair specialist?

  Did you know blonding isn't just for blondes?  Anyone who wants to add lighter pieces to their hair... sun kissed caramels or even a creamy chestnut, is having a "blonding" service done to achieve that look.  And I have a special place in my heart for you redheads, too!

 I was one of the first stylists to offer hand-tied extensions back in 2006, which started my passion for hair extensions.  The confidence and empowerment I've seen extensions bring to the women in my chair has made this my favorite service hands down.  I'm double certified in Great Lengths Cold Fusion and Thermal methods.  EVERYONE I know could benefit from extensions.  How could I not be hooked on making people feel amazing?

I run a safe, private studio in Lake Oswego, where I am thrilled to offer the privacy and intimacy of an exclusive space to my clients who value deep connections, sanitation and discretion.  For all you germaphobes, I also use a Dyson Hepa Filter system, ceiling intake filters and keep my direct vent out take air flow on all day!


  Angels & Architects embodies everything that is special to me about what I do; being an "Angel" to a client, saving her from hair emergencies.  The "Architect" in me is my strong Vidal Sassoon foundation.  I will take the time to do my job the right way, because it's important to me and I genuinely care about making you happy.

Aside from being into all things hair, I'm also a lover of Sauv Blanc.  You can probably find me around the lakeside shops and markets with my husband and our beautiful furry kid, Sadie.  I love our local restaurants and happy hours!  I'd love to meet you and share the laughter and sparkling conversations we all used to have so frequently.


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Brooke gives her absolute best to each and every client she sees.  It is her goal to provide an uplifting, enjoyable experience to each guest who sits in her chair.  Brooke wants you to relax, laugh, and love the way you look when you leave. As the old Sassoonies say, "If you don't look good, we don't look good!"

Brooke's Vision

Brooke's History

"Brooke is worth
every single penny.
I've never been
this happy with
my hair"

Brooke spent many years in California with hair industry heavy weights; she specialized in hair color with award winning colorist Stephanie Frausto and carries all the integrity of that rigorous training with her every day. Gerard Scarpaci and DJ Muldoon are among Brooke's original mentors from the Vidal Sassoon Academy.