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Premium hair extensions featuring 100% human hair ethically sourced from the temples of India. Available only through Certified Stylists.

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All Great Lengths transformations begin with a consultation.

One of my favorite things about Great Lengths applications is the complete color and density customization available to each client.  A consultation is essential in order to give you accurate pricing information, and to determine the most flawless blend of color selection to create your dream hair. It’s during the consultation you and I will agree on your desired result.  

During our consultation together I will:

*Learn your objective for wanting Great Lengths and fully understand the result you desire.

*Evaluate your hair with consideration to its length, density and condition to determine what results are achievable.

*Discuss your extension method options with you.

*Provide you with the cost to achieve your desired result.

*Fully explain the care routine you can anticipate for your Great Lengths Extensions.

*Answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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