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Welcome to Angels & Architects!

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I can't wait to meet you, girlfriend!  

Your first experience with me begins here, so let's get you on the right path.  I understand this part of the process may look new and different than anything you've experienced before.  Is it a little more effort for us both?  Yep.  But I've learned this is the best way for me to understand your needs and help you get the look you're dreaming of.  So thanks for being here!

The first step to securing an appointment with me is by filling out my New Client Intake Form.  This helps me get to know you and what you're looking for so I can recommend the type of appointment you need to get the look you want.  Seeing your current hair photos is important so I can understand the steps we need to take.  I promise I'm here to help you, not to judge your selfies. *warm hug*

After you submit your form with the links below, I will review your request and respond to you within 72 hours.  The first form is mandatory, the second is not (unless you want to know more about hair extensions!)  
You will receive a warm welcome message from me, and I may ask you for a few more details to ensure that your first visit with me is simple and easy.

If you're requesting new hair color, a formula will be custom blended for you and recorded in my digital system so it's always ready and waiting at each visit.  I provide you with amenities like snacks, sparkling wine & water, warm blankets and an iPad for streaming entertainment if this is the only you-time you get.  Please know you are welcome to have a "silent appointment" if you just need quiet time.  You are also welcome to bring snacks and beverages to enjoy; I want you to feel completely comfortable and at home in the safety and privacy of my suite.

If you're seeking only a hair cut, please know I do not accept hair cut requests without color services.  You may request a hair cut with a clear gloss or deep treatment
Are you curious about extensions and lusting over longer, fuller hair?  Go ahead and complete the consultation form below for Extension Services as well!  This is a roadmap to your suitability for extensions, and I will answer EVERY question you have and create a bespoke look perfectly blended for you.

I'll complete your visit with me by sharing my recommendations for at-home care and set you up with your next appointment so you can step out of my suite feeling lighter, happier, and looking like the version of yourself you've always wanted to see.

See you soon, babe!

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